Avid Interplay and Shared Storage (minimum requirements)

Interplay Workgroups

  • Avid Interplay V1.5 or later (currently testing with Interplay V2020.4)
  • Avid Interplay Web Services V2.7.5,  V3.8.1, V2018.9.1
  • MediaCentral | UX V2.3 through V2.10.5
  • CloudUX V2020.4

NEXIS tested with these clients (used with shared editor workgroups or with Interplay)

  • Avid NEXIS Client V2020.5

Workstation (minimum requirements) 

Operating System

  • Windows 10 Pro

Workstation Hardware

  • 2GHz or greater CPU (2 or more core processor preferred), 8GB Ram, 500GB of free space
  • For transcoding a 3.5GHz or greater CPU (8 core processor preferred), 16GB Ram, 1000GB of free space
  • Recommended Screen Resolution 1280x1024 or larger (wider screen preferred 1920x1200)
  • For Nexis a certified 1GB/10GB Nic is required, INTEL PRO1000 Nic's recommended
  • For USB ingest devices,  USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB3.1 (dedicated controllers preferred)
  • For 1394 ingest devices,  1394a or 1394b
  • For CardBus devices (P2), available slot and manufactures drivers loaded

For AutoIngest with Media Transcoder consider upgrading the workstation to use an eight core processor
available with the HP Z4 G4,  W-2145 (8C) processor.

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