What is SAT, Smart Acquisition Technology?

Smart Acquisition Technology (SAT) is the "power" providing the capability to add and to organize media and metadata, at the start of recording, during digital recording, during ingest of non linear media or during nonlinear editing:

  • Prior to acquisition, use the DNS, HDN-X10, or SAT video recorders, PakTools, Windows or Palm Pilot software to define metadata attributes.
  • During acquisition, disk recorders store the custom attributes you enter about each clip, and they automatically log specific recorder metadata about each clip for you. Each time you record you can also review clips and assign attributes manually.
  • During Ingest, use SAT AutoIngest to add descriptive metadata and combine external camera xml data into your Avid Projects.
  • During editing, benefit from SAT when viewing clips with the attributes you assigned at acquisition, and view clips with metadata automatically assigned for you. NLT's SAT Technology enables you to track, sort, organize, and rename clips to your preferences.

Smart Acquisition Technology integrates the process of capturing, logging and organizing clips and data seamlessly for use in all digital nonlinear systems.