AutoIngest - an interactive solution for Interplay Production and CloudUX

An optimal News Workflow - Combine AutoIngest and the Media Transcoder

  • AutoIngest can refine the metadata as required, creating more meaningful clip names.
    Add Photographer names, SLUG names, and more metadata...
  • During ingest AI automatically creates master clips using HI RES video and uncompressed PCM audio.
  • Use AutoIngest to organize the content in Interplay Folders with the built-in folder browse tool.
  • Create a review sequence using AutoIngest - allowing Producers to review multiple master clips as one sequence.
  • Ingest content faster than real-time to Avid's Storage while organizing the master clips with enhanced metadata in Interplay Folders.
  • Transcode any camera format to your house format; automatically build a proxy to keep after archiving.
  • AutoIngest V5.2 now supports multiple Transcode hosts for each AutoIngest Device,
    each ingest stream can now use up to 4 Transcoders to share the transcode work using a round-robin method of job sharing.