AutoIngest an interactive solution for Shared Editor Workgroups

A Reality Show Workflow - Edit XDCAM Proxy with uncompressed audio

  1. AutoIngest can refine the metadata as required, creating more meaningful clip names. Add scene, take, camera metadata...
  2. During ingest AI automatically creates master clips with MPEG-4 video and uncompressed PCM audio.
  3. Use Media Composer to create a sequence from all of the ingested proxy content.
    All editor features are supported such as grouping clips and multicam.
  4. After a sequence is created use the editors BATCH IMPORT with the PDW-U2 to replace the needed MPEG-4 video with HIGH RES video.
    Alternatively use BATCH CAPTURE to digitise the needed content from a PDW Deck.
  5. Finish editing and create review masters as usual using the HIGH RES content.