AutoIngest a Simple, Reliable and Interactive solution for
both  Shared Editor Workgroups  and  Avid Interplay Production

platformcertified.png SAT AutoIngest converts camera content to Avid compatible OP-ATOM MXF files and moves the media to Avid shared storage. The camera master clips are immediately inserted into the Avid editors bin; OR the clips are checked into the collaborative Interplay Production Workgroup.

Camera metadata can quickly be refined using AutoIngest's metadata editing tool. Metadata rules can also be invoked to automatically create the Avid clip name based on metadata fields. As with all AutoIngest products the full metadata set is available in the editor's bin.

AutoIngest supports two distinct workflows. Either of these can be configured using the AutoIngest product. They differ in how the Avid tools find Media files and catalog metadata.

  • Shared Editor Workgroups - a reality show example using Sony's XDCAM proxy
    This workflow uses Avid shared storage to store the Avid Media files. The editor finds the Media files by examining a shared file called the PMR file. The PMR file tells the editor where the Media files are for each clip. AutoIngest builds this PMR file for all clips ingested.
  • Interplay Production - a typical news station workflow
    The Interplay Production system uses a global catalog where assets such as master clips and sequences are checked in. Using Avid tools these assets can then be copied from the Interplay folder to the editor's bin for editing. Interplay does not use PMR files but a shared Media Indexer service tells the editor where the Media files are for each clip. AutoIngest tells Interplay there are newly ingested assets.

short video  demonstrates the Interplay Production P2 workflow.
(open with Windows Media Player)