Avid Software

Avid Interplay V1.2 or greater with Web Services V2.7.5 or greater
Avid unified ISIS Client V3.5 or greater
Avid Nexis Client 

Verified compliance with:

  • Avid MediaComposer testing suit:   V5.0.3, V6.5.4 and V7.0.4 and of course the latest version
  • Interplay V2.7.6 through V3.7.0
  • ISIS V4.7.11
  • Nexis V7.3.2

Workstation (minimum requirements)

  • Microsoft® Windows 10 or Windows 7 w/SP1 (64 bit), current Microsoft Windows Updates recommended
    CPU 2GHz or greater (multi-core processor preferred), 4GB Ram, 500GB of free space
  • Ethernet using an Avid approved nic for Nexis
  • Recommended Screen Resolution 1280x1024 or larger (wider screen preferred).
  • For USB ingest devices:  USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 (multiple controllers preferred)
  • For 1394 ingest devices:  1394a or 1394b
  • For CardBus devices (P2), available slot and manufactures drivers loaded

    Consider the HP Z240 Workstation with the Xeon processor.
    For AutoIngest with Media Transcoder consider upgrading the CPU to the six or eight core processor

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