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File Based Ingest Solution for Avid Workflows

Annoucing AutoIngest Direct v4.5 with support for Convergent Design's nanoFLASH Recorder and Video on Demand ingest support for services like CBSNewspath. Now the popular nanoFLASH recorder can be ingested directly into Avid's Media Composer or Interplay workgroups. Support for this popular device further broadens the media types supported by AutoIngest Direct. Optionally use this media type with NLT's Media Transcoder to build even more media types for editing or distribution using Avid's dynamic relinking ability.

SAT AI Direct Media Transcoder

Now ingest H.264 content for native Avid workflows, using AutoIngest & Transcoder ingest media from GOPRO and Canon DSLR cameras such as the 5D and 7D series. These formats are now ingested and transcoded to native Avid formats such as P2 AVCI, XDCAM HD or DNxHD.  The Media Transcoder TM module allows clips to have multiple resolutions available to edit with. The editor simply chooses the working resolution using Avid's dynamic relink controls. [Read more] Multiple output formats maybe created at one time by the AI Direct Transcoder. For example if the Sony XDCAM EX 35mbps format was ingested, the transcoder can be set to create the Sony XDCAM Proxy and the Interplay WAN proxy simultaneously using the XDCAM 35 source. As each frame is decoded multiple encoding streams are created optimizing this process. All video formats are integrated into one Interplay clip with a common metadata set.

The Direct Transcoder can create Sony XDCAM 50, Avid DNxHD 145, Sony XDCAM Proxy, Interplay H.263 or H.264 WAN proxy. If the orginal high resolution media is transcoded to another format (ie DNxHD) then the originally ingested source can be optionally deleted from the clip to save space. Customers who already have AutoIngest Direct can add the transcoder module.

Ingest AVCHD, Canon, Sony, JVC and Panasonic File Based Content to Avid Storage

SAT AutoIngest is a family of products that moves file based content from a variety of digital capture storage devices to Avid shared storage.  AutoIngest is designed as a hands free ingest solution to quickly bring digital content into your editing environment [Read more] with a rich set of metadata features that not only brings in all camera vendor metadata, but augments that metadata with site specific attributes to help in managing the vast number of clips that originate in a file based workflow. AutoIngest works with Avid’s asset management tools to provide quick check in of clips as they are ingested. A variety of special features enhances the ingested content and fits into your workflow seamlessly. AutoIngest provides an immediate return on your investment as the ingest process becomes simplified, powerful and reliable.

SAT AutoIngest Direct

SAT AutoIngest  Direct moves file based content directly to Avid shared storage. Direct allows clips to be ingested immediately to the Avid Editors Bin. Using Web Services for Interplay, the clips are checked into the collaborative Interplay workgroup. As with all AutoIngest products the full metadata set is integrated into the Avid Clip format. [Read more] Additionally metadata can quickly be refined using AutoIngest's batch editor tool. Metadata rules can also be invoked to automatically refine the Avid clip name based on metadata fields.

AutoIngest now supports Canon XF series, Panasonic P2, Ikegami GFCAM, XDCAM Optical and EX card formats (both Sony XDCAM and JVC)  In addition Sony's new MXF formats on SXS cards are supported providing a single point of ingest for all file based content.